The Anti-Budget Solution to Mastering Your Money and Following Your Dreams

Millions of working Americans today are trapped in a life-sapping rut race. They dream of leaving a job they resent, one that consumes far too much of their time and sucks the joy out of even their non-working hours. They keep the job because they need the income. But they long for freedom and change; they don’t believe it is within their reach.

And why would they think it’s possible when every blog and book assumes the reader is a twenty-something without kids and debt? The Year Off is a practical guide for those with children, a mortgage, and people depending on them to get unstuck and start pursuing the life they have always wanted. My book gives the reader more than hope; it gives them a plan.

As a financial planner for nearly twenty years, I’ve been helping clients (most of them my fellow Gen X’ers) who are stuck in this bleak predicament. I started to realize that a personal sabbatical was very doable for almost all of them. Using my unique Months of Freedom system, I can show them how to accumulate enough savings to keep their current lifestyle for a full year. When you can link money habits to career flexibility, amazing things happen.