How Seriously Should You Take Future You

3 Things Future You Cares About

 How Seriously Should You Take Future YouThe only problem with living for today, is that tomorrow always comes. Throwing caution to the wind, living in the moment, and seizing the day are great slogans, but they leave much to be desired. Would you rather seize the day, or seize every day for the rest of your life?

Finding the balance between spending money to enjoy your life today and saving for the future is an ongoing struggle. The sweet spot between today and tomorrow seems to be just out of reach. 

You may not know exactly what the future version of you wants, but a few things are likely to be on the list. Below are three things I’m certain future you will thank you for. 

Future You Doesn’t Want Regrets

There are two types of regrets; things we should have done and things we shouldn’t have done. The second type is history, there is nothing you can do about it now. Regrets about actions not taken are very much in your control. 

For example, I always wanted to write a book, so I did it. If I wished I had never written a book, well, there isn’t anything I can do about that. One client of mine wanted to finish his degree, so he went back to school at age 70 and did it.

It is never too late to build the life you want. Focusing on the win column is important, but so is avoiding the losses. Think about what you will regret not doing and start on it today.   

Future You Wants Income That Magically Appears

To be fair, current you would also love income that magically appears. Current you would like lots of things that aren’t going to happen, like a new house and car.

That doesn’t mean future you can’t have these things. The beauty of thinking about your future self is that you have complete control over what that future looks like. Where will you live? How will spend your time? How much income do you want to have?

And more importantly, how hard do you want to work for that income? You can generate income in the future by building a business, buying a rental property, or setting aside money for retirement. All of these strategies are achievable, and all of them require you to get started today.

When you are seventy years old you can have checks that show up in the mail with no work from you, or you can be polishing your resume to earn a few extra dollars. The choice is yours, just remember that is a decision you are making right now. 

Future You Wants Freedom

However much freedom and flexibility you are longing for today, you can rest assured future you will want it even more. The important things in life become clearer as we get older and it’s helpful to increase the flexibility in your life as you get older.

Having freedom isn’t just a matter of money, it also involves a flexible schedule and the ability to pursue opportunities as they arise. If you are stuck in a 9 to 5 when an amazing opportunity arises future you is not going to happy with the care-free attitude you are showing today.

Everyone wants more freedom in their life, but I can promise you that it is more important as you get older. Take the steps now to give yourself the schedule and resources you will be happy with down the road.

Taking care of a different version of yourself is a hard idea to grasp, and an even harder concept to implement. It may be helpful to think of all the things you wish the previous version of you had done differently. Perhaps you didn’t have the discipline or spending habits that you have now. 

Mostly, it’s important not to be overwhelmed by the future and think of one or two simple things you can do today to make future you happy. The rest of the future, you can figure out tomorrow.