Take a Year Off

12 Months of Freedom. Unlimited Possibilities.

The Year Off

Believe it or not, taking a year off is much more realistic than you might think.

The Year Off is a practical guide for those with children, a mortgage, and people depending on them to get unstuck and start pursuing the life they have always wanted. As a financial planner for nearly twenty years, I’ve been helping clients (most of them my fellow Gen Xers) who are stuck in this bleak predicament. I started to realize that a personal sabbatical was very doable for almost all of them.

My book gives you more than hope; it gives you a plan.

How I Created
12 Months of Freedom

I no longer allow my job or my bank account tell me what is possible in my life.
I determine what I do.

I put my career and my money to work supporting what I want my life to be, instead of the other way around.

How Much Money Do You Need for a Year Off?